75 hours of classwork  can give you the real estate career that you have been dreaming of.

Take the limits off of your finances and freedom

Day, Evening, & Weekend Schedules Available


You will be able to complete both required courses:



In the PA Real Estate Fundamentals course students will spend 30 hours learning about the following topics:

  • Land, Real Estate and Real Property

  • Public and Private Land Use Controls

  • Environmental Issues

  • Legal Descriptions

  • Interests in Real Estate

  • Leasehold Estates

  • Forms of Ownership

  • Coop, Condo, and Timeshares

  • Title Matters – Transfer

  • Title Matters - Records

  • Real Estate Contract Law

  • Principles of Financing

  • Licensing: Laws & Disciplinary Actions


In the PA Real Estate Practice course students will spend 45hours learning about the following topics:

  • The Real Estate Business

  • The Real Estate Brokerage

  • Laws and Regulations

  • Fair Housing Laws

  • Home Ownership

  • Agency Relationship

  • Listing Agreements & Buyer Representation Contracts

  • Sales Contracts

  • The Agreement of Sale

  • Financing the Single-Family Residence

  • Real Estate Taxes & Liens

  • Legislation Affecting Financing

  • Appraisal of Property

  • Closing the Residential Transaction


Johnna Davis

I LOVED this school! Keira took the time to answer all of my questions which made me comfortable joining. The instructors were also very helpful. So much so, that I passed my exam on my first try.

Raleigh Russell

ABA gave me the tools I needed to start my real estate business. I was nervous about that exam but I did it!  I am now thriving as a successful part time real estate agent.